Thursday, November 5, 2009


The end of Parker's Fall Outdoor season .. great job, guys!

And the beginning of Caleb's soccer career .. let's just say he is WAY different than his brother has been. He is the SMALLEST on his Team instead of the BIGGEST. They gave him the X-Small shorts and, well .. do you like his dress????

What the heck is going on with these shorts, Mom??? (The funniest part was 10 minutes later when he was running down the field and stopped and looked over at me with his shorts around his ankles and his pullup hanging out for the World to see.)

Pulling his shorts up - ONE MORE TIME !!!


As many of you know, I have many rodeo family members. We decided it was time for Parker to give it a try. There was a calf for the kids but the guy running the Bull told Parker he thought he should try the real thing (of course, he didnt believe us when we told him he was only 9 but that is another story).

He started out pretty good:

But just like in the "real thing", it gets harder the longer you hold on:

Halloween 2009

WOW! What a fun Halloween! It IS my favorite Holiday of the entire year and I guess we had to make up for not really celebrating last year.
We went to several parties and the kiddos had a great time trick or treating. Parker and Chris even went through MULTIPLE costumes.

Parker "The Nerd" getting ready for the Ward party:

My "Boys" - Parker the Tacky Tourist, Caleb as "Diego", and Chris - The Disco Dude!

Blog neglect

OK .. I am guilty - guilty of blog neglect. It really isn't because I didn't WANT to blog .. it is because I haven't been able to download pics from our camera forEVER! Well .. I FINALLY got them all downloaded. Now to catch up on the blogging. Stay tuned!