Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Caleb's Birthday

Apparently yesterday one of Caleb's friends at DayCare had a birthday. All we heard last night was Caleb singing "Happy Birthday to Austin" over and over. Then, after running some errands, he informed Chris and I that we would be taking him to McDonalds for dinner because it was his birthday. And then he started singing "Happy Birthday to me, Caleb ...." over and over and OVER!!! I thought this would pass while he was sleeping and he would "move on".

Well, guess what ... Today is Caleb's birthday .. AGAIN!

He got up and we got him ready for DayCare and he was just getting ready to leave when he went in the kitchen and reached up on the counter and grabbed a package of cookies that we had just bought at the grocery store. He said he needed to take them to School because it was his birthday. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Chris thinks I am weird but I told him to let him take them and just explain to DayCare what was going on. So ... here is Caleb on his .. ummmm .. "unBirthday" with his "unBirthday treats".

Love you, "unBirthday Boy"!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks Day

Well, for once I remembered to make sure everyone was wearing green when they headed out the door this morning. However, I didn't get pictures of everyone before they left.
Parker slept over and Grandpa and Grandma's so I wasn't able to get him in his "green" but Caleb came home from Daycare with a cute little addition to his outfit. What a cutie!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Temple Day at Primary

We had a fun, fun Primary Activity centered around Temples. The kids made temples out of marshmallows, a journal page, and got to help put together a temple that will be on display at the Open House for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple this Summer. (Don't forget to look for their "block" on the temple display if you go to the Open House!)

As you can see, the marshmallow Temples were a hit with both boys! (They used Karo syrup for "glue", marshmallows, toothpicks, green coconut for grass, and 1/2 of a carmel square to mold the Angel Moroni. WAY CUTE!)

Parker did a VERY good job molding his Angel Moroni. I tried to get a closeup because I was so impressed but it turned out a little blurry.

And, of course, after all the pictures ... they had to taste them!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It seems that both of my boys have aspirations of being "drummers" when they grow up. Parker has been obsessed since he got his first drum set when he was 2 and now Caleb (again, at 2) has been practicing with his Uncle Rick. Guess we will be building that "soundproof room" when we finish the basement after all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


K, so you would think I would have learned this by now but, once again, I was reminded that 8 year olds don't always get your sarcasm.

I realllly haven't been feeling good lately and I SO did not want to go to the store. I kept putting it off and putting it off so I finally decided I just needed to go and get it over with. I got myself up and ready to go and headed to the store - no makeup, messy hair - I really didn't care. I made Parker go with me and he is usually such a good helper. He was, again, a good helper - good at helping me put way more in my cart then I was planning but still .. a helper. One hour later with 15 extra items and a Red Box DVD in hand we are in the car headed home. I see one of Caleb's "sippy cups" that had been left in the car and ask Parker to carry that in for me as he gets out of the car. Now keep in mind that Parker normally is really good about helping me carry the groceries in so I ASSUMED he would be back out to help me. I take the first load in - 3 bags in one hand, 3 in the other .. showing how much of my strength I still do NOT have back. I set them on the cupboard and see him sitting on the floor playing with his "army men" and watching a movie.

ME: "Thanks for helping me carry the groceries in, Park."
PARKER: (Silence)

And out I go for another load. Once again, carrying more bags than I really should have tried, I go back inside. Parker is STILL watching the movie.

ME: "PARK! Thanks for helping."
PARKER: "I carried the cup in."
ME: "Gee, I hope you didn't strain anything."
PARKER: "I didn't."

At that time I just decide to finish myself ...
Gotta love that kid!!!!