Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Thanks

Day Eight:  I am thankful for my Husband.  He has always stood by my side no matter what, through happy times and sad, through my good moods and bad.  Chris and I have experienced many challenges together and, despite them all, he is still here supporting my crazy ideas and actions whether he agrees with them or not.

Day Nine:  I am thankful for peppermint.  Yep - peppermint.  It tastes yummy and reminds me of the Holidays which makes me happy.

Day Ten:  I am thankful for "football families".  I'm sure everyone has heard it before but until you actually live it you don't understand "football families".  Our Bingham football family was with us through the birth and death of our daughter and my scare 10 days later, our HAVOC football family has played an important part in Parker's growing and development and self-esteem, and our Herriman football family has always been there for us with smiles, hugs, welcoming arms, encouragement, and friendship.  We have been so lucky to have incredible Coaches and Parents and friends who treat our family as their own.  So blessed!

Day Eleven:  Thankful for my kitty, Lily.  Lily came into our life VERY unexpectedly and everyone that knows me knows I am a DOG PERSON.  However, since I work from home most of the time now, me and "Lils" have gotten pretty close.  She snuggles, kisses, and gives me unconditional love - even when I might not deserve it.

Day Twelve:  My sweet boy, Caleb.  Caleb is the happiest, most loving 6 year old I know.  He loves to snuggle, gives me numerous hugs and kisses every day, and always has a smile on his face and a song on his lips.  He LOVES to bake with me and is always looking for ways to serve others.

Day Thirteen:  My big, strong 12 year old, Parker.  He has always been such a good kid.  He is so caring and kind to everyone.  He has friends of every type.  He knows right from wrong, makes good decisions, and is an example to those around him.  He always has a hug for his family members, a smile or joke for his friends, and encouragement for teammates.  Even though he is only 12 he acts so much older.  He is not only my Son but one of my best friends.  I love you, Parker!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankful Days 6 and 7

Day Six: I am thankful for a beautiful, safe neighborhood/community to live in.  I have done a lot of traveling in my life and I have seen many different types of neighborhoods - some much nicer than mine, some the same as mine, and others way worse than mine.  I am so thankful for a beautiful neighborhood that is safe for my kids to play in, walk to their friends houses in, and for us to LIVE in. 

Day Seven:  I am thankful for my friends.  Friends who have been there through many challenges, friends who are new, and friends who are old.  As I have gotten older I have realized how very special those friends are that are there no matter what.  Those that I can call out of the blue because I need to talk.  Those that I can call at the last minute and ask for help.  Those that I know would be there - no matter what.  How lucky am I to say that I have people like that in my life????  I love you, my friends!  <3 p="p">

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanksgiving posts (Days 3 - 5)

Day Three:  I am thankful for a good job.  Everyone has those days at their job where they wish they weren't there.  There are even those moments when I wish soooo badly I could quit my job and focus on being a better Mom and spending more time with my kiddos.  However, despite those thoughts, I know how very lucky I am to have the job I have.  I have had it for over 23 years and I do know what a blessing it is to be able to help support my family and provide for their needs (and some of their "wants").  Not only that, it gives me the opportunity to learn new things, see new places, and keep my brain working.  Thankful for my job with Xerox Services.

Day Four:  I am thankful for my sweet Angel daughter, Bailey.  I miss her every day of my life but also know that she is watching over us at all times.  Thinking of her makes me remember to try to be a better person.  Without the experiences we went through when she left us to go to Heaven, we wouldn't be the family we are today.  I love my daughter and know that she is watching over all of my family and waiting for the day we will be able to hug her again.

Day Five:  I am thankful for trials.  This goes along with my Day Four "thankful" but expands.  Yes, I am crazy .. I am thankful for trials.  Without them we don't have the opportunity to learn and grow and become stronger people.  While I may not be thankful for them when I am going through them, I have looked back on more than one "trying" experience in my life and been able to realize that there really was a reason for going through what I went through and, believe it or not, I have learned from it.  I have also had so many opportunities to be able to take what I have learned through trials - big or small - and been able to help someone in the future.  Without "living" through things, we can not always support those we love.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Month of "Thanksgiving"

So, many of my friends have decided to do a post a day about what they are thankful for on Facebook.  I decided I would rather do it here.  I'm a day behind so here is Day One and Day Two to start.
(P.S. These are in no particular order - just whatever comes to mind on any given day.)

Day One:  I am thankful for a warm house in which I can be comfortable and know my family is safe.  A place used not only for shelter but for gathering family and friends.

Day Two:  I am thankful for a good head on my shoulders.  Does this come from genetics, upbringing, education?  I don't 100% know that answer.  What I do know is that I am thankful for Parents who taught me right - to learn all I can, think rationally, and use common sense.  They taught me to have a good work ethic and to think before I act.  Ok, so I guess this kind of sounds like I am thankful for my Parents, huh?  But that will come later.  This is just one thing of many that I am thankful to them for!

Until tomorrow - Love, Jenn

Friday, July 20, 2012

Baseball - Kearns American

Parker has been asking to play Baseball for a couple of years now.  Because of the issues with his legs which have really hindered his running in the past, we haven't let him play.  However, with the improvement in his legs after all these years of PT, we really didn't have an excuse anymore.  He has been playing alot at the park with his best friend and his brother and Dad and now another one of his friends has been "teaching" him.  Well .. a few weeks ago we found out that that friends Dad was putting together a team and he had been encouraged to try out.  The only problem is that we are only a few weeks away from Football tryouts.  Well, to make a long story short, he tried out and made the team and the Coach is letting him play in the tournament that they were signed up for this weekend and then he will stop to play Football and be allowed to play with the team again in the Winter/Spring after Football ends.
Sooooo .. two things new to us - Baseball and Kearns (instead of Herriman).
Go Kearns American!!!

"Staycation" (Day Six) - July 15th, 2012

Day six brought the end of our "staycation".  We went to church and then planned to come home and just relax and get ready to head back to work.  However, it was such a nice night that evening that we decided to make a visit to the lake in our neighborhood.  Caleb wanted to ride his bike so the rest of us planned to walk around with him.  However, we only made it part of the way and the boys decided they wanted to stop and play on the playgrounds instead.  Another fun, relaxing night!

"Staycation" (Day Five) - July 14th, 2012

Day Five of our "staycation" already had a bunch of things planned so we didn't have to make any big decisions this day.
Chris and Parker had to get up early and go pick up football equipment (yes, it's that time of year!).  Parker was also supposed to be going to baseball practice but it was at the same time as equipment pickup so he had to miss it that day.
While they were getting equipment, Caleb and Jenn finished frosting the brownies that we had made to take to the Allied Family Picnic. 
As soon as everyone was home and ready we headed out to the park.
It was another full day of fun - canrival games, sno cones, yummy BBQ, a softball game, BINGO, a dunk tank .. hours of fun!

"Staycation" (Day Four) - July 13th, 2012

Once again we took our time in the morning getting ready to leave the house.  Chris and Parker played a little XBOX and then we decided to go get something to eat.  We ended up at The Cheesecake Factory rather than a "brunch" place and had a BIG lunch.  Even though we were a few days early we told the waitress that it was Parker's bday so that we could get him embarrassed by having him serenaded.  :) 
Happy early 12th Birthday, Parker!

After we finished eating we were planning to go to Park City for an adventure on the Alpine Slide.  However, it was pretty rainy up that way so we decided to save that for another day.  Instead, we stopped by Grandpa's house to say Hi since we were in the neighborhood and then headed downtown to check out the new City Creek Mall.
First stop was Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - one of our favorites.  We got Chris and Parkers favorite chocolate covered marshmallows, Parkers truffles, and Jenn's jelly sticks.  Then as we were leaving we noticed something we hadn't seen before ... chocolate covered bacon (GROSS!) and we just KNEW Parker needed to try it! 

Then we walked around to see what other stores they had.  Jenn wanted to stop in and JUST LOOK at Brighton Collectibles because she has been wanting a new charm bracelet for like 2 years.  Of course, Chris doesn't comprehend "just looking" and we left with the cutest charm bracelet.  It has a football for Parker, soccer ball for Caleb, and a pretty purple jewel for Bailey.  I LOVE it and will take a pic and post it later.  I want to get a few other charms to add to it but was excited to get one started.

After that we went and looked at a fancy leather shop for some boots/shoes for Chris.  (Funniest part of visiting this store ... after being there about 10 minutes Parker comes up to me, taps me on the shoulder and says "Mom, What do they sell here?"  SERIOUS??!??!!!!  He later explained that he was confused because there was just one of everything but SERIOUS!?!??!!!!  And he is my SMART kid!)

At this point I am sure that those of you that know me are amazed that I am still alive.  Why?  'Cause you all know how much I LOVE to shop.  I know, I know, I am not a normal female.  But .. the shopping continued ... American Eagle, The Disney Store, some card shop, etc, etc, etc.

Next stop .. GO GAMES!  We LOVE this store.  We all had fun walking around looking at all the different games and trying everything out.  Mom picked an awesome jigsaw puzzle out and Caleb got a Mario Yatzhee game that we can all play (Chris was thrilled!). 

Then we decided to go inside and get a drink and rest for a bit - there were LOTS of stores to check out!  While we were inside a HUGE windstorm hit and the rainstorms started rolling in so we headed out to the car to head home.  We did snap a few pictures on the way and let Caleb play in the fountains for just a few minutes. 
That mall or complex or whatever you want to call it really is a pretty amazing place with some cool cool scenery!  We will definately make a return trip there sometime!

"Staycation" (Day Three) - July 12th, 2012

Day three of our "staycation" was our day of relaxation.  Jenn had to go to a meeting that morning so the boys all slept in and then Dad made them French Toast for brunch.  Parker's friend called to see if he could hang out with him so he left to go play some basketball and hang out at the park.  Meanwhile, Mom and Dad took Caleb to get his birth certificate and pick up copies of his physical/immunization paperwork to finish getting him registered for Kindergarten.  (Not very exciting but necessary.)  Once we got the errands done we decided to hit the movie theater.  Parker still wanted to hang out with his friend so Mom, Dad, and Caleb went to see "Brave".  It was a really cute movie.  That movie shows the TRUE meaning of "Mama Bear".  :)
Once we got home, Chris had to go to the church for an interview and Parker had baseball practice so we pretty much just finished off our day chilling and doing our own thing.  AHHHHH .. relaxation!

"Staycation" (Day Two) - July 11th, 2012

On day two of our "Staycation" we slept in and then had to run a couple of errands.  After that we headed to The Original Pancake House and had a YUMMY brunch!  While we were eating we talked about all sorts of ideas of places we could go - the Zoo, the Dinosaur Museum, etc, etc.  None of us could really decide what we wanted to do so Mom made a last minute decision .. we headed to the Bowling Alley!

Unfortunately for Mom .. things didn't start off as she would have liked.  (I PROMISE I used to be a really good bwler!)  You know it is bad when Caleb looks at me and says "Wow, Mom.  You have the most 1's!"  Thanks, Son.  :/

Gotta love my little dude and his "game faces" ...

After we finished bowling a fun game, we decided to head over and play some games in the arcade while we waited for the next round of Laser Tag to start.  We played Basketball (yes, Mom DID beat at that), Let's Make A Deal, skeeball, etc.  We also went for a "ride" on the 3D Roller Coaster a couple of times ...

Follow that up by a family game of Laser Tag (no, Mom isn't good at THAT either .. HA!) and it was another fun day!
P.S.  You know we always have to finish off with a treat ... on the way home we stopped at Schmidts to get Caleb a treat and Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream for the rest of us.

That was the end of todays adventures for most of us.  Parker, however, got to get ready and head over to the church for his Priesthood interview with Bishop Miller.  One week from today and he will be 12 and will become a Deacon!  I can't believe how fast my kiddos are growing up!

"Staycation" (Day One) - July 10th, 2012

Back in June, Chris and I decided we both needed a few days off from work and picked a random week.  We planned to just stay home and get some things done but decided we would take the boys and go do some fun things instead.

The first day - Tuesday, July 10th - we went to Cowabunga Bay!
We had lots of fun playing in the water and going down waterslides ...

We hung out in our personal Cabana and ate pizza and enjoyed cold slushies ....

And the boys got tattoos ..

It was such a fun day!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

"The Baby" by Blake Shelton

This has been one of my favorite days since the first time I heard it.
Love my Mom and Daddy!

THE BABY - by Blake Shelton
My brother said that I was rotten to the core
I was the youngest child, so I got by with more
I guess she was tired by the time I came along
She'd laugh until she cried, I could do no wrong
She would always save me because I was her baby

I worked a factory in Ohio, a shrimp boat in the Bayou
I drove a truck in Birmingham, turned 21 in Cincinnati
I called home to mom and daddy, I said, "Your boy is now a man"
She said, "I don't care if you're 80, you'll always be my baby"

She loved that photograph of our whole family
She'd always point us out for all her friend's to see
That's Greg, he's doing great, he really loves his job
And Ronnie with his two kids, how 'bout that wife he's got
And that one's kinda crazy, but that one is my baby

I got a call in Alabama, said, "Come on home to Louisiana"
And come as fast as you can fly 'cause your momma really needs you
And says she's got to see you, she might not make it through the night
The whole way I drove 80 so she could see her baby

She looked like she was sleepin' and my family had been weepin'
By the time that I got to her side and I knew that she'd been taken
And my heart it was breakin', I never got to say goodbye
I softly kissed that lady and cried just like a baby

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Boys

Yep ... I pretty much LOVE these guys!

I am so lucky to be Mom to such fun, smart, GOOD kids. They have their moments - but what kids don't.

I love you, Parker and Caleb!!!