Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Point lights

My Sister and her family have had a tradition every year since their kids were little to go downtown and take a carriage ride and look at the lights during the Holidays. Now that her family is growing with the addition of 3 wonderful Son in laws, they couldn't all fit in the carriage together anymore. To resolve this issue, they rented an entire trolley car to cruise around and look at the lights at Thanksgiving Point instead. Because there was room for a few extras, they invited our family to tag along. It was so much fun! Thanks for letting us be part of your tradition, everyone!

Afterwards some of the "kids" decided to play in the fire. Uh .. I mean .. warm up by the fire. (Great example, Uncle Rick!!!!)

There were even real Reindeer there!

It was a fun night for everyone! (OK, so some of us had more fun than others, huh Heidi?)

Thanks, again, everyone! We love you guys!
Until our next adventure ....


Heidi said...

I was just resting for a minute! ;)
I have some awesome pics of Caleb. As soon as I get a free minute I'll send them to you!


Jill, Wes, and Andy said...

It looks like such a fun night. We will have to check it.

Touche said...

Looks like everyone had fun. Grandpa & grandma are jealous.
Grandpa B.

Hagen's said...

Hey! Can I get that picture of the family group? PLEASE!