Monday, April 26, 2010

True Parker

Parker threatened me that I am NOT allowed to get mushy about him in public or about football anymore. However, I already warned him I was making this post sooo ... sorry, Parker. :)

I just HAD to take this picture and share it. It is so totally my Parker. No matter how tough and grown up he looks in his football uniform, this shows my TRUE Parker. He is such a good sport, always thoughtful of others, kind, big-hearted, etc, etc, etc. Those of you that know him well know what I mean. This picture totally shows Parker and his sense of caring for others. I notice all the time at his games and at practice .. he is always helping others up, giving them hugs or high fives, telling people that they either did good or gave it a good try.

This is my boy. I love him. He is AWESOME! (Is that an acceptable word, Parker????)

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Janeil Jones said...

That's not sappy. That's just plain awesome. Way to go, Parker! It's a big man who can show compassion to another!