Thursday, May 5, 2011

Orange Tigers soccer

Caleb seems to have finally figured soccer out. As many of you will remember - past soccer seasons have been what we have described as "painful" to watch. Whether it was Caleb sitting on the sidelines with his ears covered, running down the field AWAY from the ball, or just plain refusing to go out on the field, it has NOT been a fun experience. I was seriously considering not letting him play again. I almost signed him up for baseball. But he said he wanted soccer so I decided to give it ONE MORE TRY. Well, I am sure glad I did. He actually ran right out there the first practice and is actually quite good. He can dribble the ball - he has AMAZING ball control for a 4 year old - and he is FAST! They won their first game 5 - 2 and Caleb made 4 of those goals (3 for us and 1 for them - HA). Anyway .. looks like this should be a much more fun experience - if we could just play some games instead of having them cancelled for snow every week! GO ORANGE TIGERS!

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