Thursday, September 4, 2008


We had the futon mattress on the floor the other day and Parker decided that he and Caleb needed to have a "sleepover" together. Keep in mind that Caleb is still in a crib so he won't "escape" at night. However, I told them that if they were good all day they could give it a try on Sunday night since there was no school on Monday. It was the cutest thing. They got their pillows, blankets, "friends", nighttime drinks, etc and went and crawled right in. Parker even got a bedtime story that he could read to Caleb. Granted, it only lasted a little while but it sure was cute while it did.
Parker is SUCH a good big brother and both boys love each other so much!

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Snelsonblogs said...

That was adorable! Tell Parker hi from the Nelson girls! How is school going?