Friday, September 19, 2008

DISCOVERY TOYS - New Catalog is here!

I usually don't post a lot about my Discovery Toys business on here, but I am so way excited about the new catalog and with the Christmas shopping season coming up (or, actually, HERE), I thought I would just mention to you all that the new products are HERE! As always, there are lots of great new products for all ages but I am espeically excited that they added so many new things for older kids and adults. Parker has already picked out several for my "birthday closet" for his friends upcoming birthday parties as well as for his own Christmas list.
You can take a look at the new catalog online at or else I am happy to bring you a "real" catalog if you would like to see one. I am also currently having my "Inventory Clearance Sale" to get rid of some of the stuff I have on hand to make room for the new products so if you want a list of what I have on discount, let me know and I can email it to you!
Also, all of my past customers know that I usually have a "preferred Customer" Open House at my house during the Fall so you can come and get your Christmas shopping all taken care of. I am hoping to still do this but I am not sure when it will be this year (it is usually early-mid October). If you want to get your shopping done now, please let me know and we can do a personal shopping appointment or a catalog shop. I also have "Santa Pack" discounts this year - buy all of your Christmas presents in bulk at HUGE discounts.
Anyway .. I guess what I am saying is - My Discovery Toys business is still open for Christmas shopping - we may just be doing it one on one instead of in a big group party this year!
Let me know if I can help you with anything!

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