Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Modern Medicine

As I was sitting in the Hospital last week .. waiting with my Dad to go in for a procedure on his heart I couldn't help but keep thinking how amazing modern medicine is. With all we have gone through the last year and a half with dealing with Doctors and Insurance and Medical bills - we DEFINATELY have been frustrated and had a negative outlook on the whole medical world at times. But if you really sit back and think, despite the frustrations that go along with medical treatment, the treatments themselves are AMAZING! I mean, how amazing is it that Doctors can go in and work on a heart - one of the very things that keeps you living - without making it stop.
Those of you that know me well know that I am a real Daddys girl and even the thought that something might happen to my Dad terrifies me. But I was at peace - I knew that he would be taken are of .. I knew that modern medicine is amazing and there is so much now that can be done that couldn't in the past.
Yes, I also know some of this from personal experience. When I hemorrhaged last year and almost bled to death they had numerous things they could try to help me. They didn't just try one thing and give up when it didn't work. There were multiple things to try.
When we were pregnant with Bailey, the ultrasounds and tests they were able to do on her while she was still growing inside me were, again, amazing.
Our daughter was kept alive long enough for family members to meet her thanks to, again, modern medicine and technology.
All of these things would never have happend 50 years ago.

I really have no idea why I felt the need to post this other than to say that, despite my frustrations with our medical bills, the fact that I have to continually fight with Hospitals and Insurance companies trying to get out from under our every growing pile of financial responsibilities to them, I am so very grateful to those that have studied so long and hard to become Doctors to take care of myself and my family and friends and for those that have researched and found so many amazing ways to prolong life and keep us all together as long as possible.


RN 4 Kids said...

I agree 100%. There are soo many problems w/the whole insurance business....so many.
I am so sorry that after all you and your family have gone through, you are having to continually be reminded of the pain by being badgered by insurance companies. Where is the heart? Wish I were rich and could rid it all for you and your family. You are a strong woman and you will get through this....we had an amnio w/some other testing and paid $5200 (not all out of our pocket..) but for that one procedure, I couldn't believe how much it cost....can't imagine the burden you are faced with with those bills.
Take care, and post more often on your blog...I like to read your thoughts :)

Jennie Stephens said...

I'm with Michelle. Modern medicine is a BLESSING. Sometimes it pisses you off and drives you nuts, but for the most part, it saves your life. I nearly bled to death when I had Lily, she barely survived herself. I was lucky to have an AMAZING doctor come in and save us. The doctor I had through the whole pregnancy was a total jerk, and me being a first time pregnant mom, had no idea what to expect. He took off right after delivery, and then my hero came in the room after the code blue was called and he saved my life. Dr Porter!!!! I was SHOCKED and at the same time relieved when I saw the bill/explanation of benefits. $127,000 later. Both Lily and I needed blood transfusions, stayed in the NICU for 7 days, I was in ICU for 12 days.
Money is just money. You and Chris are SOOOOOO very blessed with 2 amazing sons here on earth and a Angel baby Bailey watching over you. Bills will go away, not soon enough, but love never dies =) I remember going to Bailey's viewing and seeing how great of a support system you have. Again, VERY lucky. Jenn, you know I love you, you have been AMAZING to me for what, 4 years!! and I just love you!!

Hi i'm Jolie said...

hi, haha i know i don't even know you but i absolutely agree. I myself am a 14 year old girl who suffered from scoliosis which basically means that my spin is shaped like an 'S' instead of being straight.
The wonders of modern medicine astonish me. It's absolutely mind blowing that a team of surgeons could open me up and twist a few bolts and screws and BAM my spin is straight.
Of course, there wasn't just a few bolts and screws to deal with and i can say that the after-shock was the most horrible thing that I've had to endure in my 14 years on this earth (which is not saying a whole lot) but it is still amazing. I'm surprised every single day.
Anyway, thanks for writing this post, i enjoyed it :)

Jill, Wes, and Andy said...

I completely understand your frustrations. We have spent the past months fighting with insurance companies...only to lose. Yet despite everything, we are so lucky to have such amazing hospitals and doctors right in our backyard. Hang in there!

Touche said...

With all your other problems it is to bad you have to worry about your old Dad-- but it looks like they fixed me up and I now have a new extension on life. As you said the medical profession (for the most part is amazing.)After all they do not have a lot to work with when the patient is almost 80 ???