Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are you ready for some foooooootballllll???

Yes, we have started Football again. As most of you know, Parker had to take some time off last year to do some physical therapy on his legs. However, in order to be ready for the first year of Herriman Ute Conference (nope, we will no longer be Bingham Miners) we are doing Arena football this Spring, as well. We are on the Havoc Indoor Team and Parker is LOVING it so far.
On thing we have learned is that Mom's tears didn't come last time just because of the pregnancy hormones - I still cry at practice and it is SOOOO embarrassing. :)
I am just so stinkin' proud of Parker. He NEVER gives up and he has such good sportsmanship. He is always supportive of everyone on his Team, he listens well to his Coach (even when it's criticism), and he pushes and pushes himself to do things that I know are hard for him to do.
He is such an Awesome kid and I am so lucky to be his Mom!
I love you, Parker.

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Touche said...

Grandma & I are ready-- but not in the rain & snow. We will wait for the games --which I hear are inside???
Grandpa B.