Friday, March 5, 2010

Caleb's owie

So Caleb kept complaining to me that his "chin" was hurting tonight. He had a bit of a fever (which happens quite often with him) so I immediately thought he probably had some sort of virus that had caused sores in his mouth. I kept trying to look inside his mouth on his gums and lip. After the third attempt and him telling me that his lip "doesn't come off" I finally asked Chris to help me look. Chris just started laughing and told me he was fine. I was a little frustrated that he thought I was over-reacting since I am so not really that way. Come to find out, however, that Chris knew what the problem was already. Apparently, when Chris picked him up from daycare Caleb reported to Chris that he "may have been going a little too fast on the 3-wheeler bike" and he had hurt his chin.
"May have been going a little too fast", huh? Sheesh .. why do my kids start speaking like grown ups so early??? I am SO in trouble!

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