Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, we have had our share of challenges lately, that is for sure.
Between all of the drama leading up to Bailey's birth and then her new diagnosis and passing away and my Mom's illnesses causing her to be in the Care Center and/or Hospital for the 3 months prior to Bailey's birth and my Dad not feeling good and worrying about Mom, etc, etc, etc ... you would think we would have had our "share" and would be done now. I know that is what WE were counting on. Unfortunately, however, I was rushed to the Hospital on Saturday afternoon and had emergency surgery that evening and was there until this afternoon. Again - I thought we were done. I will tell you that I think that my poor boys (all 3 of them) have had enough. I worry so much about them. My Husband and oldest Son were both convinced that they were going to lose me just like they lost Bailey and neither of them dealt with it very well. Caleb, who isn't exactly sure what is going on is finally realizing that things aren't just right and is starting to be affected too. We have been fairly strong as a family and all of our challenges have really brought us even closer but there is a point where you finally say "Please just let us be done!". It is at that point, however, that I really have to try to think of the blessings that we are receiving by "enduring to the end" and dealing the best we can with the challenges that we are given. I have been taught my whole life that our Heavenly Father will not give us anything to endure that we can not handle. Sometimes I really question that as the challenges that I get are not challenges that I would wish to have. However, I do seem to always make it through and learn something from each one.
I don't know what made me decide to post this as it is really just a bunch of rambling but I felt it important to let all of my friends and family know that we ARE ok and we do truly know that we will make it through these challenges - thanks to the support and love we have from all of you. Thanks for everything you do for us! We love you!


Jill, Wes, and Andy said...


You are one of the strongest people I have know. We have the proverbial "black cloud" chase us...all of the time I always joke with my husband that when we lined up on heaven, is this really what I choose, or did I get in the wrong line. Regardless, you and your family are in my prayers. Keep the faith, the blessings will come from the trials. Many times the only thing I can hang onto is that I have faith! Please let us know if we can help.

me said...

I'm so sorry I don't know you because you have been such an inspiration to me. (I just happen upon your blog, off a link from another blog). In the last three months, we lost a huge amount of money, my husband's parent's marriage fell apart, his brother died suddenly as well as a grandfather. While none of this compares to your situation I understand the "when will it end" prayer you must be praying. I have found through all of this that I have never prayed more, never pleaded, never listened for answers more than now. I think its when God seems farthest away is when he is the closest. I love this verse for inspiration in times like these because hope is all we have to hold onto. Romans 5:1-8

Heather, Rob & Amelia said...


I love you and know a smidge what trials you are facing (perhaps not exactly but pretty close). Call me for anything. If Chris needs to talk to Rob...he is here too...he's been there! The Lord is there to help carry you through this...He only gives us things we can handle with His help. I know you know this too! Just know you are loved and thought of often.

Jennie Stephens said...

Oh Jenn, you are going through such a hard time, but ou are the strongest person I know! Heavenly father knows you, and he obviously is holding you and your family during this time. I know it doesnt make it easier to deal with, but it nice to have some comfort during times of need. You have an amazing family, and you have friends who love you and who will always be there for you!

Something Unexpected said...

Ummmm Jenn...challenges was a polite title for this post. Mine would have been-What the hell else can happen?? That's a little too real, but my goodness lets be real. Bad things happen to fantastic people....its true and it sucks that its true. Hope is found in another truth, the truth that this life is not our last and as painful and sucky and real as the hurt, pain and sorrow are as I read the posts from the people around you I am encouraged for you and your boys. Big hugs to all, I hope you are healing and let us know if we can help in ANY way.