Thursday, October 23, 2008

First "REAL" Football injury

Well, Parker got his first xrays from a football injury yesterday morning. He has had the normal, expected bumps and bruises since starting football but yesterday he got "real" xrays and an exam by the Doctor.
Parker came home from football practice on Tuesday night complaining he couldn't walk because he had gotten tackled at the very end of practice and landed on his knee wrong. I figured it was just his "normal" football injury scenario (those of you that know Parker know that he can be a bit of a "drama King") so I gave him some tylenol, told him to soak in the tub and go to bed. When he woke up on Wednesday morning he was still limping and he had his Dad look at it. Chris said that it actually was swollen and thought we should take him to the Doctor. He has missed so much school lately that we didn't want him to miss more than he had to so we decided it would probably be fastest just to go over to instacare. We went over there and they looked at it and took some xrays. We don't think there is anything seriously wrong but the Doctor did say that he had a bit of concern about the growth platelet on that leg so he is having the radiologist look at it. They are supposed to call us back sometime Thursday to let us know if Parker is out for the rest of the season or if he can play. It will be a real bummer if he is out since he has played all season and now will just have to miss the playoff games.
Luckily, when he got home from school on Wednesday he said it felt a BIT better and the swelling had gone done a little. I think he will live - we won't need to amputate! :)

(NOTE: Speaking of amputation .. while we were at the Doctor they asked Parker to rate his pain on a scale of 1 - 10. The way they explained this was by saying "1 means it doesn't hurt at all and 10 would be like if your leg was cut off". Parkers eyes got HUGE and he immediately LOUDLY said "1". I looked at him and said "Parker, if it doesn't hurt that much why are we here?" He said "Like I am going to tell them it is even CLOSE to a 10 if they are going to cut it off!!!!" K - guess he didn't totally get their analogy. HA HA)


Lars said...

I'm so glad it's not a ten. But oh my that is funny. Smart kid you have there. I really hope he can join the playoffs! Take care!

Heather, Rob & Amelia said...

That is so funny!! I hope the news isn't too bad and he can play the rest of the season!!

Jennie Stephens said...

too funny..... kids are so funny. I should have told Lily that when she complained about the scratch on her leg the other day when she said "a 10, no wait, ITS AN 11.. IT HURTSSSSSSSSSS!"

Anonymous said...

A HELMET ramed into my leg YEESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!