Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Thanks

Day Eight:  I am thankful for my Husband.  He has always stood by my side no matter what, through happy times and sad, through my good moods and bad.  Chris and I have experienced many challenges together and, despite them all, he is still here supporting my crazy ideas and actions whether he agrees with them or not.

Day Nine:  I am thankful for peppermint.  Yep - peppermint.  It tastes yummy and reminds me of the Holidays which makes me happy.

Day Ten:  I am thankful for "football families".  I'm sure everyone has heard it before but until you actually live it you don't understand "football families".  Our Bingham football family was with us through the birth and death of our daughter and my scare 10 days later, our HAVOC football family has played an important part in Parker's growing and development and self-esteem, and our Herriman football family has always been there for us with smiles, hugs, welcoming arms, encouragement, and friendship.  We have been so lucky to have incredible Coaches and Parents and friends who treat our family as their own.  So blessed!

Day Eleven:  Thankful for my kitty, Lily.  Lily came into our life VERY unexpectedly and everyone that knows me knows I am a DOG PERSON.  However, since I work from home most of the time now, me and "Lils" have gotten pretty close.  She snuggles, kisses, and gives me unconditional love - even when I might not deserve it.

Day Twelve:  My sweet boy, Caleb.  Caleb is the happiest, most loving 6 year old I know.  He loves to snuggle, gives me numerous hugs and kisses every day, and always has a smile on his face and a song on his lips.  He LOVES to bake with me and is always looking for ways to serve others.

Day Thirteen:  My big, strong 12 year old, Parker.  He has always been such a good kid.  He is so caring and kind to everyone.  He has friends of every type.  He knows right from wrong, makes good decisions, and is an example to those around him.  He always has a hug for his family members, a smile or joke for his friends, and encouragement for teammates.  Even though he is only 12 he acts so much older.  He is not only my Son but one of my best friends.  I love you, Parker!

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