Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanksgiving posts (Days 3 - 5)

Day Three:  I am thankful for a good job.  Everyone has those days at their job where they wish they weren't there.  There are even those moments when I wish soooo badly I could quit my job and focus on being a better Mom and spending more time with my kiddos.  However, despite those thoughts, I know how very lucky I am to have the job I have.  I have had it for over 23 years and I do know what a blessing it is to be able to help support my family and provide for their needs (and some of their "wants").  Not only that, it gives me the opportunity to learn new things, see new places, and keep my brain working.  Thankful for my job with Xerox Services.

Day Four:  I am thankful for my sweet Angel daughter, Bailey.  I miss her every day of my life but also know that she is watching over us at all times.  Thinking of her makes me remember to try to be a better person.  Without the experiences we went through when she left us to go to Heaven, we wouldn't be the family we are today.  I love my daughter and know that she is watching over all of my family and waiting for the day we will be able to hug her again.

Day Five:  I am thankful for trials.  This goes along with my Day Four "thankful" but expands.  Yes, I am crazy .. I am thankful for trials.  Without them we don't have the opportunity to learn and grow and become stronger people.  While I may not be thankful for them when I am going through them, I have looked back on more than one "trying" experience in my life and been able to realize that there really was a reason for going through what I went through and, believe it or not, I have learned from it.  I have also had so many opportunities to be able to take what I have learned through trials - big or small - and been able to help someone in the future.  Without "living" through things, we can not always support those we love.

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