Friday, July 20, 2012

Baseball - Kearns American

Parker has been asking to play Baseball for a couple of years now.  Because of the issues with his legs which have really hindered his running in the past, we haven't let him play.  However, with the improvement in his legs after all these years of PT, we really didn't have an excuse anymore.  He has been playing alot at the park with his best friend and his brother and Dad and now another one of his friends has been "teaching" him.  Well .. a few weeks ago we found out that that friends Dad was putting together a team and he had been encouraged to try out.  The only problem is that we are only a few weeks away from Football tryouts.  Well, to make a long story short, he tried out and made the team and the Coach is letting him play in the tournament that they were signed up for this weekend and then he will stop to play Football and be allowed to play with the team again in the Winter/Spring after Football ends.
Sooooo .. two things new to us - Baseball and Kearns (instead of Herriman).
Go Kearns American!!!

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