Friday, July 20, 2012

"Staycation" (Day Three) - July 12th, 2012

Day three of our "staycation" was our day of relaxation.  Jenn had to go to a meeting that morning so the boys all slept in and then Dad made them French Toast for brunch.  Parker's friend called to see if he could hang out with him so he left to go play some basketball and hang out at the park.  Meanwhile, Mom and Dad took Caleb to get his birth certificate and pick up copies of his physical/immunization paperwork to finish getting him registered for Kindergarten.  (Not very exciting but necessary.)  Once we got the errands done we decided to hit the movie theater.  Parker still wanted to hang out with his friend so Mom, Dad, and Caleb went to see "Brave".  It was a really cute movie.  That movie shows the TRUE meaning of "Mama Bear".  :)
Once we got home, Chris had to go to the church for an interview and Parker had baseball practice so we pretty much just finished off our day chilling and doing our own thing.  AHHHHH .. relaxation!

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