Friday, July 20, 2012

"Staycation" (Day Two) - July 11th, 2012

On day two of our "Staycation" we slept in and then had to run a couple of errands.  After that we headed to The Original Pancake House and had a YUMMY brunch!  While we were eating we talked about all sorts of ideas of places we could go - the Zoo, the Dinosaur Museum, etc, etc.  None of us could really decide what we wanted to do so Mom made a last minute decision .. we headed to the Bowling Alley!

Unfortunately for Mom .. things didn't start off as she would have liked.  (I PROMISE I used to be a really good bwler!)  You know it is bad when Caleb looks at me and says "Wow, Mom.  You have the most 1's!"  Thanks, Son.  :/

Gotta love my little dude and his "game faces" ...

After we finished bowling a fun game, we decided to head over and play some games in the arcade while we waited for the next round of Laser Tag to start.  We played Basketball (yes, Mom DID beat at that), Let's Make A Deal, skeeball, etc.  We also went for a "ride" on the 3D Roller Coaster a couple of times ...

Follow that up by a family game of Laser Tag (no, Mom isn't good at THAT either .. HA!) and it was another fun day!
P.S.  You know we always have to finish off with a treat ... on the way home we stopped at Schmidts to get Caleb a treat and Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream for the rest of us.

That was the end of todays adventures for most of us.  Parker, however, got to get ready and head over to the church for his Priesthood interview with Bishop Miller.  One week from today and he will be 12 and will become a Deacon!  I can't believe how fast my kiddos are growing up!

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