Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thanksgiving - Day Five

Thankful for texting.  Yep - I know it sounds silly but texting has been a lifesaver in many situations in our family over the last couple of years.
Texting made it easier for my Sister and I to provide/get updates while at Drs appts or Hospitals with my Mom before she passed away.
Texting was one of the main ways my Brother and I communicated during the last months before he passed away.  I was always worried about waking him up if he was resting so I could text him and he would get back to me when he was awake.
With a teenager, texting is NECESSARY to keep track of the kids!!!
And I have even gotten my Dad to text which had been GREAT since he doesn't love talking on the phone because it is hard for him to hear.
So, yes. I am thankful for texting to allow me to communicate with those I love at any time!

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