Thursday, November 13, 2008

My new "addiction"

I have a new addiction. OK, maybe it isn't so new but it has newly become an addiction. :)
Scentsy candles. I had heard about them a lot and had seen them at boutiques and fairs but had never purchased one. (I am cheap and didn't want to spend the money on it when I wasn't SURE I would love it.) My good friend, Pam, was having a party so I decided to finally try one out to support her at her party and ... I LOVED IT! I now have a couple of them as well as numerous scents. I had always had a bunch of candles around my house but I am loving these so much more! I can just use one and I can smell it through my whole house and the wax is reusable and lasts FOREVER! OK .. no I am not a consultant .. I just LOVE them.
Because of this I want more, more, MORE! However, I can't spend ALL of our Christmas shopping money on them so I am having an online party to HOPEFULLY earn some more yummy scents for my house!
If you would like to give them a shot or if you have already become addicted and just need some more scents OR if you want a car freshener or smaller room freshener, etc, etc, please go to this site and select my Party (go to "My Events" or else "Place An Order" and select my name) or else just shop online and then email me your order and I will turn it in to the Consultant. I am going to close my party on November 22nd (a week from Saturday) - Happy Shopping and Thanks for helping me make my party a success!


Hagen's said...

I saw my first one at April's last night! These are cool....and smell yummy!

Something Unexpected said...

I need to order-btw...I tagged you, check my blog if you have time...S

Jennie Stephens said...

OH I love scentsy! We have 5 burners in our house! its my addiction too! I never use the same scent 2 days in row.. tee hee!! My favorite is the wasabi ginger one! MMMMMMMMmmmmMMMMMMMMM