Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow!!!

I have ALWAYS loved the winter and the snow, etc, etc.
Blame it on my low iron, blame it on my low blood count, I don't know what it is but MAN IS IT FREEZING this year!!!!
I still LOVE Winter, though, and am so excited that Fall has come and Winter is coming!!! (Yes I am watching it snow out my window as I type this.)
Hopefully I can figure out how to stay warm so I can enjoy it as much as I normally do.


Nana Jo said...

That is when you are supposed to use the shawl I made for you. That will help you stay warm.

Jennie Stephens said...

bah humbug. This cali girl does not like the snow! I love looking at it, but i hate driving in it, and I hate being cold and wet!! California here we come.. for 10 days... over turkey day! then we get to come home to 4 feet of snow? ugh!

Something Unexpected said...

I'm with Jennie...except for the part about getting to go vacation. I'm not even convinced I like looking at it:)
Stay Warm!

Heidi said...

We are definitely related. I just posted about snow too! I LOVE SNOW!

chiara said...

Grrrrr - I'm glad SOMEONE likes the snow because I....DO....NOT!! My boys have been out there playing for...let's see...2 1/2 hours already this morning. Maybe I should go tell them to come inside before they get sick!

Touche said...

As you know I used to look forward to the snow. It could even be said that "Winter is my favorite season." Note the KEY PHRASE in this note is "USED TO LOOK FORWARD". Now I tolerate winter looking forward to Spting.
Grandpa B.

Will said...

snow, snow, go away
I cannot wait for may
when the sun is a shinin'
and little ones are smilin'
as they play in the sun
screeching and having fun
and i in my shorts and flipflops
sipping an ice cold soda pop
but now i have to deal with ice
and snow-that's not very nice
i agree with you Jenn
When will it be warm-when oh, when?