Monday, November 10, 2008

State Championship Game

As you will notice by the scoreboard on the side of the blog - The Bingham Silver Gremlins received their first "L" this week. It was a sad time for the boys who had worked so hard all season and then lost their final game - The State Championship! However, we are SO very proud of them for having an UNDEFEATED SEASON up until that point.
They practiced hard, played hard, made some great friends, and grew - physcially, mentally, and emotionally.
We had an AWESOME Team this year and have such mixed feelings about the season ending.
Until next year ....
(Photos to follow soon.)


The Garside Clan said...

Congrats Parker! Good job!

Touche said...

Like all good teams, there is an old saying-- "just wait until next year"!!!
Grandpa B.

Hagen's said...

We loved watching you play Parker!
However, as the mother of 4 girls, I don't know that I could deal with the violence! LOL Every time he got hurt, I wanted to pamper him!